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WPCS 1.2.0
WPCS 1.2.0


As a company dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction, we are thrilled to share some exciting news that sets us apart from our competitors and enhances our customers' overall experience with our products.
The best technology for detecting overhead power lines is LiDAR. With its small beam divergence, LiDAR can pinpoint the location of overhead lines to ensure they can be avoided.
"We evaluated a variety of sensors. We did a study on sonar sensors and why they don't work very well. We did it for LiDAR and we also did it for depth cameras. But you guys came up on top just as meeting all the requirements that we had". - Michael Lawrence, CEO, True Autonomy
Flying for WildLife Trust is a non-commercial trust that was born out of a concern for the plight of Zimbabwe’s wildlife, with particular emphasis on elephant and rhino populations. The main objective of the trust is to provide Zimbabwe National Parks Wildlife Management Authority and other stakeholders with regular aerial surveillance and monitoring over wildlife areas and national parks at no cost.
SPH Engineering is a globally recognized provider of UgCS - UAV mission planning and flight control software solution. This constantly evolving software is used by drone pilots and professional surveyors worldwide - particularly in the areas of environmental, archeological, engineering, mining, agricultural and biological surveys. In fact, one aspect - UgCS educational program - aims to support universities with a safe and efficient tool to test innovative ideas around surveying and inspections using drones.
The last few years has witnessed exponential growth in the fields of robotics, machines and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is also a time that has seen significant enhancements made in sensor technology, mainly through (small) size, (light) weight and (low) power (SWaP) characteristics. A clear beneficiary of this revolution is LiDAR.  

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