Skyfish develop smarter drones

“The LiDAR is fantastic. The form factor is great, it’s super light, super small, easy to mount doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. The level of customer service that we’ve been receiving, that’s more important than anything.”

University of New Brunswick

“When you relying heavily on a piece of equipment, especially electronics, it’s really great to have a consistent person you can ask questions, who understands your project and is there to support you – and with whom you can build rapport.”

The Eye Above: NPO Conservation: South Africa

“There are many cheaper and/or heavier
LiDARs, the magic was to find a high
performance LIDAR at a good price for
the size/weight requirements that
actually works for our airframe.
Lightware LiDAR was the only company
that ticked all these boxes.”


“LightWare LiDAR’s – they’re just really good LIDARs. And that’s really nice for us as when a customer buys them, they work. The hardware quality is good. Then on the Ardupilot software side, we get less support calls and that makes our lives easier.” 

Leo Technologies

“LightWare LiDAR are kind of our de facto standard now, for us, because they are reliable, they work!”

Parkki & Smart Parking Solutions

“We had almost immediate good results with our SF30/C from LightWare LiDAR. Even the results from our first proof of concept were impressive, from the first prototype which was small. Provided great scanning distance and was really efficient.”


We are very happy so far with the performance, value-for-money proposition and overall weight!