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Essential Read: microLiDAR™ success stories


In this edition of LiDAR Matters, we share some unique stories of LightWare customers making special use of their microLiDAR™ sensors.

Drones, robots and machines have become an essential part of technology-driven businesses. Their ability to explore difficult areas and gather valuable information make them a key asset for a multitude of industries. With a LightWare microLiDAR™ sensor integrated, machines are equipped with accurate range and perception ability to perform numerous operations.

Being multi-functional, there’s a microLiDAR™ available for almost any requirement. This has created many possibilities and time efficiency for businesses operating in industries like healthcare, wildlife conservation, construction, as well as safety and security, to mention just a few. LightWare is proud to partner with such businesses taking innovation to the next level and using microLiDAR™ sensors for the benefit of people and the environment!

This is an opportune moment to recognize some of our partners doing extraordinary things with their microLiDAR™ sensors!

University of New Brunswick – wildlife conservation 

 SF11/C LiDAR application:
Position hold

With less than 400 remaining, the North Atlantic Right Whale is a highly endangered species. Interactions with humans in the form of hunting, vessel strikes and fishing net entanglements have brought this species to the brink of extinction. This makes monitoring the population health of the whale increasingly difficult.

LiDAR for conservation

Gina Lonati is a PHD student at the University of New Brunswick with a keen interest to address the problem. Through Gina’s research, the idea of drones being used to measure the body temperature of whales (via thermal imaging) presented an exciting opportunity to pursue. Data collected would provide important health metrics of the whales and give an indication of the overall health of their population. 

The solution: LiDAR SF11/C

Using a LightWare SF11/C microLiDAR™ for altimetry, position hold and landing assistance, a Dual Gimbal DJI Matrice 210 V2 drone flies at a constant altitude of 10 meters above the ocean’s surface. The infrared camera then photographs inside the blowhole to indicate the whale’s internal body temperature. In this instance, the SF11/C microLiDAR™ sensor’s altimetry and position hold ability prove invaluable. 

 The Eye Above – wildlife conservation

LW20 LiDAR application:
Obstacle avoidance
Terrain following

South Africa is home to 80% of the world’s rhinos, making it a vital point for rhino conservation. Despite significant protection efforts, the poaching of these highly endangered animals remains a significant challenge for the country. The Kruger National Park region has suffered the most from poaching, losing around 60% of its rhino population since 2013.  

LiDAR saving the rhino

The Eye Above is a non-profit organization developing a drone project aimed at taking a stand against poaching. Through a fleet of drones, the project assists game rangers on the front line to detect and prevent poaching activity. To succeed, it is essential that the drones operate in and navigate through the harsh South African bush landscape of trees, hills, rocks, animals and dust. It is also important that the drones are lightweight, cover large amounts of territory in one flight and can withstand fluctuating temperature changes.  

The solution: LiDAR LW20/C

To operate optimally in such conditions, The Eye Above have chosen LightWare’s LW20/C microLiDAR™. This LiDAR is the ideal choice for sense and avoid, altimeter and terrain-following applications. Weighing just 20 grams with a low power consumption and possessing a range of 100 meters, the LW20/C is also a high performance microLiDAR™ built to perform in tough conditions.

Avy – ‘’Drones for good’’

 SF20/C LiDAR application:
Precision landing and take-off
Height above ground measurement

Based in the Netherlands, Avy offer a fully integrated drone service to the medical and emergency services industries in Europe and Africa. With a vision of ‘’Drones for good’’, Avy look to provide an affordable, reliable and sustainable medical delivery service amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

LiDAR for Health

A case in point is ‘’The Drones for Health’’ pilot project in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Wellness in Botswana, the United Nations Population Fund and Botswana’s International University of Science. The project’s objective is to prevent maternal deaths through the timeous delivery of essential healthcare products to remote communities in Botswana.  

The solution: LiDAR SF20/C

Equipped with a LightWare SF20/C microLiDAR™ for precision landing and take-off, altimetry as well as height above ground measurement, Avy Aera drones extensively transported public healthcare commodities to four remote locations in Botswana. Each microLiDAR™ was also integrated with the compatible Auterion PX4 ecosystem. As a result, ‘’The Drones for Health’’ pilot project proved to be up to 65% faster than previously used conventional delivery methods.

 Parkki – Smart City solutions

 SF30/C LiDAR application:
Internet of Things (IoT)
Scanning and mapping

Established in France, Parkki provides day-to-day support in the management of parking area solutions. The shortage of parking areas is a major problem in many developed cities around the world. This lack of parking space has the potential to increase traffic congestion and cause significant delays for commuters. Subsequently, this impacts on where and when people choose to shop or travel.

LiDAR for IoT solutions

Parkki thrive on providing Smart City and Smart Parking IoT solutions. Through their parking guidance system, drivers are effortlessly able to find parking space during peak hour traffic. This is especially valuable in high-traffic density areas such as shopping malls and airports.

The solution: LiDAR SF30/C

Using over 100 LightWare SF30/C microLiDARs™ mounted on parking bay street lights across Lille, France, Parkki actively monitor and track congestion in various vehicle parking areas. A single SF30/C microLiDAR™ sensor manages to monitor up to 40 parking bays across a 360° area in all light and weather conditions, while drawing minimal power. Digital signage then informs commuters of available parking spaces, creating a pleasant experience for the driver.

Also key, shopping center management and city planners are easily able to export data from the LightWare Studio, which provide important insights on consumer behavior, usage of public spaces and the planning of future IoT developments.

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