Xponential Press Release

This USA-based company specializes in the design and manufacture of LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles and machines. The award-winning SF45 scanning microLiDAR™ weighs just 59g but delivers the performance of much lar…

SF45 Launch Announcement

Drones and other autonomous vehicles have changed the world with their ability to go where humans can’t. Yet, these machines are vulnerable to accidents that can wipe them and their cargo out instantly because they la…

AUVSI Xcellence Award Announcement

June was a particularly exciting month for LightWare, as we racked up two noteworthy global accolades: not only have we been named as finalists in the AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards, we were…

SF45 Teaser

A teaser video ahead of the June 2021 re-launch of the SF45


“LightWare LiDAR’s – they’re just really good LIDARs. And that’s really nice for us as when a customer buys them, they work. The hardware quality is good. Then on the Ardupilot software side, we get less support calls and that makes our lives easier.” 

Our new superhero microLiDAR Product – The SF45

We’ve been busy! In our quest to make your drone’s job easier so that you can get better results, we’ve developed two great new models; each offering an exciting range of possibilities.

For a start, there’s our SF000, the world’s smallest, lightest microLiDAR. Next up, there’s LightWare’s SF45.