The world's smallest, lightest, scanning LiDAR

The world's smallest, lightest, scanning LiDAR

SF45 Competition

Entries close Friday 27 August 2021

Do you have a UAV / UGV application that requires the use of a small, lightweight, scanning microLIDAR? What challenge are you or your team currently trying to solve with a LiDAR sensor?

Tell us what YOU would do with our lightweight (59 grams), small, scanning  SF45 microLIDAR Рand stand a chance of WINNING one!

When you buy a LiDAR from LightWare, you are buying so much more than just a sensor. You are finding a partner who can advise you on solutions to your LiDAR challenges. We are a partner to many businesses across industry, with a proven track record of solving technical challenges. We have the potential to bring a different perspective to solving your problem.

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