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WPCS 1.2.0
WPCS 1.2.0

Spotlight on the SF30/C


The SF30/C microLiDAR is one of LightWare’s smallest and arguably most popular microLiDAR sensors. Able to provide real-time, accurate altitude (AGL) measurements for UAVs; It is also perfect for real-time navigation and mapping applications on a UGV and has been used in many IoT applications. 

The SF30/C has a 100-meter range and is able to make very fast and accurate distance and speed measurements – making it ideal for precision takeoff, landing and hovering assistance. It has an update rate of 20 000 readings/second making it perfect for obstacle detection and collision avoidance. 

This sensor weighs a mere 35 grams and measures 30 x 56 x 50 millimeters. It can be incorporated into scanning systems to create 2D SLAM maps or 3D images. Though the SF30/C is small, it outperforms many larger models in the market today.

Diverse applications for the SF30/C microLiDAR.

The SF30/C has a compact, low-cost design, compact, and low-cost design and is ideally suited for fast-moving drone (UAV) or UGV applications, terrain following, mapping, and a host of other applications relating to the UAV or UGV stack.  Its easy-to-use, highly configurable system offers multiple hardware interfaces (USB, serial and analog) that connect easily to a variety of controller systems (eg.Arduino, Raspberry Pi and custom flight controllers). Other applications for the SF30/C include precision take-off, hover and landing assistance, obstacle warning and detection, height above ground level and altitude measurement.

The SF30/C can be mounted in a downward-facing orientation for altimetry, terrain following, or precision landing applications. And forward facing for collision avoidance. Enable your machine’s perception for only $299 Click here to buy yours now.

Key product features

  • Up to 100 meters detection range, outdoors in bright sunlight.
  • Multiple return signals enable the SF30/C to see through rain, dusty conditions, and even treetops.
  • Small design (35 grams).
  • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and custom controller
  • Operates in low light conditions as well as in complete darkness.

Product design optimized for multiple hardware interfaces.

The SF30/C is not just one of LightWare’s best sellers – data on the SF30/C is processed on-board; therefore, no dedicated processors are required, saving weight, cost, and power. At the same time, it provides real-time results to aid mapping and detect obstacles, making it an industry favourite too!

The SF30/C provides dynamic performance in a small form factor, and new applications for the SF30/C are being discovered every day. So, what would you use your SF30/C for?

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