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WPCS 1.2.0
WPCS 1.2.0

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SF45 launch campaign

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The team at LightWare have been very busy the past few weeks. We are proud to announce that next week we will officially be launching an evolution to the LightWare family – a small, lightweight, scanning microLiDAR sensor! It really is something special thanks to its small size, capabilities and price point. Now whilst we don’t want to reveal too many details just yet, what we can say is this: – – This LiDAR is perfect for use on UAVs, UGVs and in IoT applications – perfect for any use case where size and weight are critical. – Applications for this microLiDAR include detect and avoid, navigation, obstacle detection, SLAM, above ground altimetry and terrain following. – As with all our sensors, it has been built for easy set up and interface with flight controllers like Ardupilot on the PixHawk platform. – It is a Class 1M Eye safe LiDAR – If your use case has privacy concerns – remember a LiDAR sensor sees objects and not faces, so is able to comply with privacy regulations.

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